• Happy Holidays!

    We want to wish everyone happy holidays on this upcoming days, whether you are or not from the United States, Hope that everyone enjoy of peace and love with family and friends. Remembering everything that we have learned trough the year and being grateful for every small thing we learn or receive from our journey

  • Bienvenido ala familia

    Antes que nada, agradecemos a todos aquellos que siguen apoyándonos en la evolución de nuestra emisora de reagge. Seguimos haciendo grandes cambios en nuestro contenido y música, esperemos y estén disfrutando de estas emisiones. En cuanto a nuestras emisiones en vivo seguimos trabajando para organizarnos con los itinerarios y poder lanzar oficialmente nuestro horario de

  • Pionero Prince Buster a fallecido

    Cecil Bustamante aka “Prince Buster” a muerto ala edad de 78 años, Según confirmo su hijo, Kareem Ali este pasado Jueves 1 de septiembre. Según The Jamaica Observer. el Pionero del reagge abría sufrido una serie de convulsiones en la cual apenas se recuperaba. El pionero de reagge Prince Buster, habria trabajado en varios proyectos

    Prince Buster, Uno de los fundadores de la musica ska que se origino en Jamaica. Fotografiado desde London’s Finsbury Park. Fotografia de Antonio Olmos for the Observer
  • Legacy of Love

    Recently We been having changes on our team, Our recent loss with one of our co-founder’s our beloved Dayanna Amaya Will be missed for as long as this community keeps afloat, her dedication and interest in creating something different for us to have and share with the world its truly been inspiring even with the

  • new home

    After a few years working on updates and website development our first version its been released. We want to thank everyone that has been part of this growing place. We will always be on development since technology will be pushing us forward for better ideas and tools to make this experience the best. We cordially

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